2022 Assembly and Senate Endorsements

Our LIGRA Board, Executive Director and our Lobbyist had spent days interviewing candidates for the New State Assembly and Senate. We interviewed incumbents as well as non-incumbents. The objective of this yearly screenings is to determine which candidates support issues of importance to our industry.

T also get their position on these points

  1. Setting a flat rate pre-paid tax on gasoline. This would eliminate the need to do a monthly reconciliation
  2. A continue suspension of all state’s sales tax on gasoline while the price of gas is over $3.00 a gallon
  3. Putting into the State budget an increase in the commission rate on the sale of lottery tickets
  4. Allowing the DMV to increase the vehicle inspection fee for licensed inspection stations
  5. The sale of vape products to ADULTS both menthol and flavored

With that, we strongly urge you, your employees, your family and even your customers to support the following candidates on November 8th

        New York State Assembly                                   New York State Senate

District 1              Fred Thiele          District 1  Anthony Palumbo

District 3              Joseph DeStefano      District 2    Mario Mattera

District 4              Steven Englebright     District 3    Dean Murray

District 6              Philip Ramos        District 5   Steven Rhoads

District 8              Michael Fitzpatrick    District 6    James Coll

District 10            Steve Stern           District 7   Anna Kaplan

District 11            Kimberly Jean-Pierre   District 8     Alexis Weik

District 12            Cooper Macco                                  

District 13            Charles Lavine                                  

District 14            David McDonough                                          

District 15            Amanda Field                                    

District 17            John Mikulin                                     

District 18            Taylor Darling                                   

District 19            Edward Ra                                          

District 20            Michael Delury                                 

District 21            Judy Griffin                                        

District 22            Michaelle Solages                           

Not sure who your elected official is? Click on the link to find out.

The New York State Senate