Health Care

We have health insurance plans available for LIGRA members and we are confident that you’ll find the plan you need at a relatively reasonable rate.

MEDICAL PLANS AS LOW AS $557 per month

Our 2019 annual renewal and open enrollment, is rapidly approaching for the OXFORD LIGRA Employee Benefits Program. LIGRA offers the service to establish and maintain an Oxford plan of your choice. We make it easy for you the business owners to obtain premium Oxford insurance, at competitive costs.

LIGRA will act as your advocate, making access to health insurance and the 401k easier to maintain for small businesses like yours. We do this by proactively responding to audits, administering billing and submitting all renewal paperwork on your behalf.

Please contact us at INSURANCE@LIGRA.COM or call  +1(631)755-5550 for more information regarding Health Insurance rates for LIGRA members today!