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LIGRA’s executive director and board members regularly monitor events in local, state and federal governments to make sure they are fully informed about important decisions that will impact you. Joining us means you’ll get access to the best information and resources in 1 easy to find place.

We’re working to pass legislation so your business gets the fairest treatment possible. You don’t have to do it alone. LIGRA works hard every day to pass laws that will help your business.

LIGRA was instrumental in getting the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act passed. This Act protects retailers from unfair termination and non-renewals, unless an Oil Company can show just cause. LIGRA has now worked with our national association to successfully amend this act to give the state  flexibility with their own laws.

LIGRA was instrumental in getting the “Right of Survivorship” Law passed which allows a service station dealer to bequeath the business to their spouse or adults child. Under this law, a bequeathment form must be filed with the oil company before a dealer can exercise this right of survivorship.

LIGRA was instrumental in getting a law passed permitting a dealer to sell his/her franchise. This allows a dealer to sell, transfer, or assign the franchise to another person, except under certain specified circumstances. Thus, a petroleum company cannot prohibit or prevent a dealer from selling, transferring, or assigning a franchise unless they have good cause and unless the sale, transfer or assignment is prohibited because of specified reasons, such as fraud.

LIGRA has successfully repealed the nozzle fee in both Nassau and Suffolk County. We have been successful in working with the NYC Consumer Affairs Bureau in easing the burden of the regulatory process for our City members.

LIGRA has been successful in minimizing the impact of the Cigarette Ban in both Nassau and Suffolk County. We have been successful in keeping our members out of the loop of the Suffolk County Crack house Law, which would have classified the sale of cigarettes and beer to a minor as the same offense as selling crack or cocaine.

LIGRA has been successful in easing the burden of waste oil regulations by making consumers more responsible for the action.

LIGRA held back the proposed Centralized Auto Emissions Testing program (when other associations stated, “it was a done deal”) by bringing the ills of this program to the public  attention. Today many of our auto repair shops are enjoying the benefits of the inspection program, without the expense of new equipment.

These are just some of our Legislative achievements. There have been many more on all levels of government.

LIGRA continues to strive to keep the voice of our membership in the forefront of all levels of government.

A small selection of our legislative achievements

Monitoring events on the local, state and federal scale

Since 2010 LIGRA has fought and won the following legislative battles, saving our members thousands of dollars in the process:

LIGRA President Kevin Beyer worked closely with Gov. Cuomo  office to secure funding for the installation of transfer-switches and/or back-up generators and to limit the number of businesses required to have this equipment

  • Savings to LIGRA members: Thou$and$

NYS passed legislation that tied the fees to register as a retail cigarette vendor to a percentage of a store  gross sales meaning a service station paying a $100 registration fee would pay upwards of $5,000. LIGRA President Kevin Beyer rallied
several trade associations and filed suit. Because of his actions, the legislation was changed and the lawsuit dropped. The registration fee is now $300  a 200 percent increase but still considerably less expensive that what NYS originally had in mind:

  • Savings to LIGRA members: Thou$and$

NYS legislators tried to pass legislation that would require service station owners to post cash and credit prices for each grade of gasoline they sell. This would have created tremendous expense with little reward for service stations across the

  • Savings to LIGRA members: Thou$and$

assau and Suffolk counties tried to force service station owners to replace their single-wall gas tanks with double-walled tanked within a year. LIGRA pointed out that with hundreds of service stations in the area accomplishing such an endeavor was impossible. LIGRA got Suffolk to allow more time and Nassau to have the stations replace their tanks once they turned 30 years old.

  • Savings to LIGRA members: Thou$and$

Suffolk  Department of Consumer Affairs sent letters to Suffolk-based service stations stating that rather than pay a $100 fee to register a station  gasoline pumps for two years  regardless of how many pumps the station has – the stations would now be required to pay a PER METER fee of $20 every time the station  pumps were inspected. These inspections could occur more than once a year. A station with 15 pumps, inspected only once a year, would go from paying $100 to cover two years to $6,000 for one year, assuming the station is only inspected once a year. Sometimes stations have to be inspected more than once a year.

  • Savings to LIGRA members: Thou$and$

Had these programs been adopted other counties & NYC would have quickly followed suit. LIGRA members also $ave thou$and$ on Worker $afety Groups & Get Terrific Health Insurance Deals!