The Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association is a non-profit trade association located in New York State. We’ve worked across the state and locally for 86 years to aggressively defend the small-scale, independent business owners who comprise our membership.

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Mandatory Sexual Harassment Policy and Training
Now Required in New York State
Governor Cuomo signed into law that MANDATES employers regardless of the company’s size must have an employee handbook and sexual harassment policy,
Employers must also conduct ANNUAL interactive sexual harassment training and provide a written anti-harassment policy to ALL employees.
The Sexual Harassment Policy must be provided to ALL employees in writing.
Your company MUST have an EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK, that includes a sexual harassment policy
To help keep you in compliance with these new regulations. Ligra is here for you, our members.
LIGRA has a generic employee hand book for your company. The cost for this hand book is $100 for the first one and $15 for each copy. For more info or to order your employee hand book email us at HB@LIGRA.COM.
• Some of the topic in this manual include:
• The new sexual harassment policy with all the required forms
• Your company benefits
• Your personal property policy
• An employee acknowledgement form this covers you
Our January 2019 annual renewal and open enrollment is rapidly approaching for the LIGRA Employee Benefits Program. LIGRA offers the service to establish and maintain a health plan that works for your business. We make it easy for you the business owners to obtain insurance at competitive costs.

LIGRA will continue to offer a full spectrum of plans, from broader network plans, to high deductible, narrow network plans to meet your access and cost requirements. This will provide more options, with all levels of flexibility and price points to our members.


MEDICAL PLANS AS LOW AS $519 per month

 Our 2019 annual renewal and open enrollment, is rapidly approaching for HEALTH INSURANCE through the LIGRA Employee Benefits Program. LIGRA offers and maintain Health Insurance plans. We make it easy for you the business owners to obtain premium Health care insurance, at competitive rates.
LIGRA is your advocate, making access to health insurance and the 401k easier for small businesses like yours. Plus we will assist you completing all your paperwork.
To comply with the MANDATORY
interactive sexual harassment training, LIGRA will be hosting a sexual harassment training classes. At 7:00PM on the following dates IN OUR OFFICE:
March 11th

April 8th

These trainings classes will be held in our LIGRA office Located at: 270 Spagnoli Road, Melville, NY



Monday March 25th

Monday April 22nd 



YOU MUST RSVP in advance as to the date you will be attending.
The cost is $35.00 per person for LIGRA members, and $75 per person for non LIGRA members
Seating is limited, to reserve a seat email us your name, shop and phone# to SH@LIGRA.COM
You and ALL your employees only have to attend one class per year.



MEDICAL PLANS AS LOW AS $519 per month

New York UST Class A/B Exam Preparation

Class “A/B”

New York UST Class C Operator Training

Class “C”