The Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association is a non-profit trade association located in New York State. We’ve worked across the state and locally for 86 years to aggressively defend the small-scale, independent business owners who comprise our membership.

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MEDICAL PLANS AS LOW AS $508 per month

 Our 2019 annual renewal and open enrollment, is rapidly approaching for HEALTH INSURANCE through the LIGRA Employee Benefits Program. LIGRA offers and maintain Health Insurance plans. We make it easy for you the business owners to obtain premium Health care insurance, at competitive rates.
We are hosting a series of Webinars to review the options that are available to you. Contact us to get your log on credentials to participate in one of the Webinar on either Tuesday, November 13th or Thursday November 15th at 7:00pm.
LIGRA is your advocate, making access to health insurance and the 401k easier for small businesses like yours. Plus we will assist you completing all your paperwork.

On Tuesday October 23rd
the DMV will be hosting a seminar. For the LIGRA members
On the most common DMV violations and proper completion of invoices, & work orders
This will be a 30-40-minute presentation with a
Q an A session to follow.
The DMV wants to be a working partner with the inspection stations, not just a agency that issues violation.

401K/Retirement plan and FinancialPlanning_
clinic FinancialPlanning_
STIFEL will be hosting a seminar. The topics covered PERSONAL PLANNING FOR SUCCESS
Stifel wants to educate and offer at NO CHARGE all LIGRA members the “Stifel Wealth Strategist Report”
YOU MUST RSVP to attend this seminar
RSVP to ERIC@LIGRA.COM or 631-755-5550


Small Business Owners Left Behind by NY State Lawmakers Blind Loyalty to ACA

Once again, New York State small business owners will suffer as a result of political alliances and New York State’s vow to resuscitate the Affordable Care Act.

The latest move by NY Attorney General Barbara Underwood, positions NYS to oppose the executive order to allow Associations to negotiate as collective members to purchase health care affordably. Currently, NY does not allow small businesses to act in unison when purchasing health care coverage, subjecting all small business owners to severe restrictions, limited access to networks and plans, and higher pricing. The Trump Administration’s attempt to remove these strangleholds on small businesses by allowing them to band together as an industry association in good standing, is being thwarted by New York State’s opposition and commitment to file suit against the Trump Administration on this executive order.

AG Underwood claims her motivation is to protect small business in her latest move to support the ACA. However, consider this: New York State is still allowing insurers, like Oxford, to interpret laws to benefit the insurer. For example, regardless of whether employees have legitimate coverage elsewhere, Oxford will not allow only an owner and spouse to enroll in coverage. Oxford is forcing small business owners with employees waiving coverage, to the individual market, where coverage is more expensive, and networks are more restrictive. Even though formal legal complaints have been filed regarding this issue, New York State does not see the inequity and discrimination in this practice and will not support small business by overturning this unfair underwriting practice by insurers, nor will NYS allow owners to join together under their association to negotiate with insurance companies. Who, then, are NYS politicians really representing?

From these most recent examples, to the disruption and heartache of the past 7 years, where we have had insurers shut down in the State of NY, causing small businesses to have to scramble for coverage, even when amidst medical care, isn’t is time we spoke out against this unfair practice against small employers in NYS? There is no freedom of choice, and no voice of the small business owner, since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and it is getting worse.

This letter was composed by Christine Wilson, of Wilson Benefit Management Associates, Inc. Christine is the health insurance broker for the LIGRA association.

Whatever your political affiliation, I am urging everyone to consider sending this letter to Governor Cuomo telling his you are opposed to his Attorney General position on this matter. That you want the freedom to choose the health care that is right for you and your family. As you cast your vote, consider who is protecting your business, and your family.

PLEASE go to the members only section to down load a letter, add your name to it and mail it to the governor.